Hampton United Cricket Club


The origins of our club can be traced back to the early 1920’S, with social games of cricket organised for families and friends of church members.  With a growing church membership and popularity of the game of cricket a meeting between members of the church was held on the 10th September 1926 to consider a proposal to formalise a cricket team, thus the Hampton Methodist cricket club was born.

The club applied for and was granted affiliation with the Brighton/Sandringham Cricket Association. In 1955 the club transferred to the City of Moorabbin Cricket Association now known as the South East Cricket Association.  In 1976 we had junior teams affiliated in the CMCA and Federal District Cricket Association.  This was also the year we also changed our name to Hampton United after the amalgamation of several churches.

From humble beginnings in 1926 the senior section has grown over the years accompanied by the introduction of junior teams.  The U16’s in 1954-1955, U14’s in 1974-1975 and U12’s in 1976-1977. Our peak period of growth was from 1984-1988 when we fielded ten teams.  It was also one of our clubs most successful on field periods.

Our club has won thirty-one Premierships, the first being in 1931-1932.  In 1990-1991 we became the first club in in the CMCA to win three senior premierships in one season, a feat we repeated in the 1996-1997 and 2021-2022 season.  Along with this in 1983-1984 we were awarded the prestigious CMCA Lloyd Champion Club Championship.

The longevity of the club is attributed to our founding church members, committees, volunteers and players that have steered us through good and bad times ensuring a viable and competitive club. Over the years we have had a mixture of talent and personalities that give the club character.

For ninety-five years our club has championed the principles that only team sport can provide.  Our all-inclusive club membership compliments the vision and values of the Bayside community.

The club emblem is two purple and gold crossed Hammers emphasising the club moto ‘STRENGTH THROUGH LOYALTY.’  On game day our catch cry is “HAMMER TIME”